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This section of my website has been around for a while, well since started about 10 yrs ago! It's been my go-to for referring my customers to validated, FREE software to help protect their computer, and keep it running at optimal performance levels for years to come. I get these programs from a reliable website that has ads but also keeps the bloat to a minimum, as i'm sure you will notice. This FREE-Ware is listed below with it's name and link!

because if it involves your safety, and security online, YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Virus protection for ALL operating systems except Windows 10 (already has virus protection installed):
Microsoft Security Essentials (32 & 64 bit)
Spyware/malware protection for all Windows versions:
(disclaimer: upon downloading this software, you will also be installing other iobit software (unavoidable), so just install it, and then delete it after using Iobit Uninstaller HERE (also recommended by your's truly) Enjoy! :-)
Iobit Malware Fighter
Computer/PC cleaner and optimizer for all Windows operating systems:
Wise disk Cleaner
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Other useful tools:
1) "TOP FREEWARE PICKS" thanks to
2) CCleaner thanks to Piriform
3) Need parts? Think...NewEgg