Welcome to Web Design!

This section of my webnsite is where you will find some of the websites I have personally created and a way to contact me to hopefully design your's one day. I have been designing websites and dabbling for over 10 yrs. Since my instructor in Criminal Justice class gave us an assignment to design something with HTML and CSS. I saw this and said "When in the world will I ever need to design a website for criminal justice?" But being the good student, I complied and started in, after completing the assignment and the class, I actually started liking it and here I am

So here is a list of websites I have built and some that I maintain:

So if you are a business, or just want to bring your wedding photos/grad photos/homecoming photos to the internet for less than it takes to pay the photographer that took them...just guessing, i'm here for you! Just reach out and we can make arrangments to put you online!