Thanks for visiting my website! I have been working on, and rescuing computers for over 20 yrs. I am local to Polk County, FL. I also do web design. I enjoy helping people become more literate with computers because let's face it...they are our future! And if you are on this page, that means you need my help! I would like to offer you a FREE E-Book to read through. (Follow Red E-BOOK link) FREE E-BOOK So take a look around and I will see you soon!

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I get alot of my customers that ask me what kind of protective software or "tools of the trade" if you will. I have installed all kinds of software on my computer to protect it, and keep it safe from viruses, along with habits of suspicious website avoidance. So I figured I would create a page on my website to help those that want to protect themselves, and keep their operating system running smooth, in other words, my recommended software! And here is the download links...ALL FREE: (safe as of the time and date of this posting, I will update as necessary!)

Virus protection for ALL operating systems except Windows 10 (already has virus protection installed):
Microsoft Security Essentials (32 & 64 bit)

Spyware/malware protection for all Windows versions:
(disclaimer: upon downloading this software, you will also be installing other iobit software (unavoidable), so just install it, and then delete it after using Iobit Uninstaller HERE!

Malware Fighter The Greatest Malware Scanner/Remover out there!

Wise disk Cleaner Fast Disk Cleaner...I use it daily!

JetClean Fast Cleaner!
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Other useful tools:
1) Top Freeware Picks (Thanks To
2) CCleaner (Thanks to Piriform) CCleaner
3) Need Computer Parts? has it!

Do you own a business? Do you have a service that you want to market, and maybe get people to buy, or hire you? Well Let me have the pleasure of building your website that will suit your needs and desires. Once we get together and get ideas about the design, I got you covered! I can build this website to get your business out there on the web. So if you want to create a presence on the internet, I got you covered! Contact me to get started. (Always a discount for Disney Cast Members and Beachbody Coaches!)

Do you have the next million dollar idea? Put it on the internet! I build websites to fit your needs and will meet with you to make YOUR dream, a REALITY! So contact me to build your website, and either maintain it yourself, or have me update and maintain it, whichever works for you! Feel free to see one of the many websites built by your's truly Here And HERE

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This is your way out of your HIGH cable, and/or satellite Bill! You can now Play all of the streaming movies you want, including local shows, and television right from your livingroom!


So here is how it works; You purchase the Fire Stick or Fire TV Cube (controls your TV), and I will set it up via a house call (local to Polk County, FL) with all of the necessary software to stream ALL of your favorite shows, movies, and news stations, along with FREE Streams from other sources on the internet. So all in all, you get FREE Streaming for one price FOREVER!!! So watch Downtown Abbey, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, and so much more! Cutting the cord is giving the people I care about the FREEDOM to finally cut the costs of rising cable, and satellite, with only the Fire Stick to buy! So when you are ready, CLICK HERE, and lets get you taken care of TODAY!

I have been told and asked, and even begged at times to do classes for people that can't use, or even hate using the computer. So I have finally decided to hold classes for those that want to attend. This will be a class for the first of the month (or close to the first of the month) for $50.00 and it will last for 4 weeks once a week only, until it begins to grow. If you, or someone you know would like to attend, please fill-out this short form and I will add you to the list. Please be advised that once the classes fill up for the month, I will remove the form and add it again the following month.

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