Welcome To The Fire TV Page!

So, if you aren't aware, firesticks, (and other variables of Fire TV) are great, right out of the box from Amazon! However, If you find a way to program these little beauties to get premium channels and other features without paying extra, it's even better! I have been programming fire sticks and cubes for over 5 yrs. now for customers that are curious how they can get more channels, more features, etc. without going outside of the laws of their state. So If you live in the Polk County, FL area, and want to find out more, contact me here! But if you already have fire stick, or are thinking about buying one soon, and live outside of the area of Polk County, FL, then you can either send what you have to me, and I will program it for you for 50 dollars, or you can click on one of the images below to buy one TODAY! The first one is regular Firestick and the second one is 4K Firestick. BOTH Alexa Enabled!

Firestick with Alexa

4K Firestick with Alexa