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First entry:

This weekend, my beautiful wife surprised me for my birthday and we stayed at a Condo in Kissimmee, FL. The second half day there we went running and I had to use the bathroom, (pee, not pooh, sorry if TMI), I know this may be off the topic, but bear with me. Anyway, I had to go so bad after 2 miles that I ran straight to the pool area, and jumped in the pool because I couldn't remember the 4 digit code to get in the condo so I went in the pool, sorry to do it, sorry to admint it, not my best moment. So my wife comes over and asks, "where's your phone?" And sure enough I left it in my pocket and it was ruined. I had an IPhone8+...keyword is HAD. Went to Verizon because I have the replacement warranty, they told me it would be 150-200 dollars to replace it. I told them maybe I should upgrade then. So I found the LG ThinQ V600 5G capable. Which is an Android OS. I have had androids before and liked them so it was ok, but the major selling point for this phone...FOR ME, was the larger screen, and the option of getting a dual screen from a promo...FOR FREE! I was looking at one of the sales guys phone like this one at the store and it actually looks like a small tablet with this new dual screen technology, and it actually attaches to the phone so that you can open it and then close it so it goes back to single screen I was so impressed that I couldn't say no, and my experiences with my galaxy, and my note was that there are a lot of coding capabilities with android, so i'm excited to say the least! So here I am, getting used to my new phone and waiting for my new screen to add to it, and playing games, watching videos, etc, will be a game changer for me i'm sure! Well, thanks for reading, please let me know in the contact me page if you like this phone, or if you recommend another phone instead, or bonus...with a reply, if you got this v600 and then traded it out for an IPhone, that would be an amazing email to me!

Don Hicks

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